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Our dispensers manage all you medication requests. They are highly trained in pharmacy and medication and can answer questions relating to your medication.

Mandy (F)
Dispensary Team Lead

Amber (F)
Deputy Lead Dispenser

Pippa (F), Zoe (F), Sue (F), Kathleen (F), Bethany (F), Lucy (F), Jane (F), Rachel (F), Cassie (F), Ian (M)


Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians

Clinical pharmacists are health professionals who train for many years to become specialists in medicines. In GP practice clinical pharmacists work closely with the practice team to answer queries about medicines, and ensure medicines are being used appropriately to keep you safe and well. 

A pharmacy technician works under the guidance of a pharmacist to help manage your medication safely.

Gemma (F), Frances (F)

What is a clinical pharmacist?