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Pembroke Road, Framlingham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 9HA

Email    Tel: 01728 723627

Earl Soham Surgery, Glebe Cottage, Main Street, Earl Soham, IP13 7SF

Email    Tel: 01728 685325

Contact Details



Gemma (F)
Clinical Pharmacist

Frances (F)
Pharmacy Technician



A paramedic can work autonomously at an advanced level of practice using their skills in assessment and treatment. They provide a first point of contact for undiagnosed problems, minor illness etc. They are also able to undertake home visits

Nick (M)

Geoff (M)


On The Day Team

To try and improve access for urgent and new problems we have developed an on the day team. The team consists of a paramedic, advanced nurse practitioner and practice nurse. The duty GP provides oversight and supervision as required.

Sindhu (F)
Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Nick (M)

Tiffany (F)
Practice Nurse 

Victoria S (F)
Practice Nurse

Geoff (M)

Other health care providers

First Contact Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. It can also help to reduce your risk of injury or illness in the future.

Mobin (M) is employed by the local Primary Care Work (PCN)
Clinics are held on a Monday morning at Framlingham. Please book directly with our Care Navigators on 01728 723627


Link and Mental Health Workers

Primary Care Link worker for mental health

John (M)

He is a member of the Wellbeing Service and can address problems concerning your well-being such as low mood, depression or stress.

Your referral is initially triaged by the Wellbeing Service to see ensure that your needs are managed appropriately. 

Primary Care Network (PCN) Mental Health Specialist

Adina (F)

Rebecca (F)

Please speak to one of our healthcare professionals for an assessment. They can book an appointment if appropriate. Clinics are held on Monday mornings and Friday mornings

Community Midwives

The community midwife manages your care throughout your pregnancy and for up to 28 days in the post-natal period.

Kayleigh (F)
Clinics are held on a Wednesday at Framlingham.

If you have a problem you can call the Maternity Triage Number on 01473 703334. They will be able to advise you. 

Community Nurses

The district nursing service delivers skilled nursing, palliative care and advice to patients within their own homes. The service is offered to HOUSEBOUND patients to provide assistance in the management of their health needs.

To contact the district nurse team call the Care Coordination Centre on 0300 123 24 25

Social Prescriber

Social prescribing – sometimes referred to as community referral – is a means of enabling GPs , nurses and other health and care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services. Please speak to reception or a member of our health care team if you would like to be referred