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Patients do not have a right to a home visit. Under the GP terms of service, it is up to the doctor to decide, in their reasonable opinion, where a consultation should take place.

A request for a home visit should be made as soon as possible, ideally before 10:30am. All Patients will get a phone-call from a clinician to assess their needs prior to any visit being made. Visits are undertaken by our paramedics and nurse practitioners.

If you think you need an urgent home visit, please tell the Care Navigators in reception. In cases of major injury, a critical condition, or medical emergency, it may be more appropriate to go directly to your local Hospital Accident & Emergency Department or, if an Ambulance is required, call 999.

Framlingham Surgery is keen to ensure that we make the best use of our clinical staff, allowing them to provide the most appropriate care to those most in need of it. For most patients, attending an appointment at the Practice is the best option for them and for the practice staff. 

You may think that a home visit by a health care professional is best for patient care. However, while home visits are convenient for the patient, they offer a poorer standard of care compared to surgery consultations.

This is because of:

  • poor facilities – for example, soft beds, poor lighting, or lack of hygiene
  • inefficiency – the doctor could see four to six other equally needy patients in the time taken for one home visit
  • lack of access to patient records
  • lack of access to a chaperone, who is  required to be present for some examinations.

It is not appropriate to request home visits

  • For children, young people or anyone who is mobile
  • Due to lack of money or transport: This is not a medical responsibility. It is the responsibility of the patient to organise transport
  • Due to lack of childcare: This is not a medical responsibility
  • If you have been drinking alcohol and not able to drive: This is not a medical responsibility
  • If you can’t get out due to bad weather. Remember that medical staff are also affected by snow, ice or bad weather
  • At a certain time, between your other commitments such as hairdressing and shopping. If you are mobile, and able to leave your home, you should be seen at the surgery
  • If you are feeling well but need a check over to make sure everything is all right.
  • If another service is more appropriate – for example, if you think you are having a heart attack or a stroke, please ring 999.