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Travel Immunisations

If possible, you should speak to one of our Practices Nurses (or a private travel clinic) at least 8-12 weeks before you are due to travel.

Some vaccines need to be given well in advance to allow your body to develop immunity. Other vaccines may involve a course of several doses over weeks or months.

Your risk whilst travelling will also depend on what you intend to do. For example, if you travel into rural areas, backpack, or camp you maybe more at risk than if you were going on a package holiday. Some underlying health conditions may also increase your risk or prevent you from having a live vaccination such as yellow fever.

You can find out what vaccinations you need at NHS Fit for Travel or NATHNAC


Some countries require proof of vaccination (for example polio or yellow fever vaccination) which must be documented on an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) before you enter or when you leave a country.

Saudi Arabia requires proof of vaccination against certain types meningitis for visitors arriving for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages.

Further information about travel vaccinations


Our Practice Nurses can administer travel immunisations available on the NHS (Polio, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Cholera) provided they are required for the country you are visiting.

Patients who are attending our travel clinic for the first time MUST to complete a 'Travel Risk Assessment Form'.

Download the Travel Risk Assessment form

We advise that you call the surgery to check that all your all your vaccinations are up to date. Any missing routine vaccinations can be given if required.

NHS travel vaccines are provided to you free of charge. The following travel vaccines are available on the NHS.

You will  have to pay for all non-NHS travel vaccinations and you will need to attend a travel clinic. Yellow fever vaccines are only available from a designated centre.

Find a designated centre for yellow fever vaccination


Private Travel Clinics

If you require non-NHS travel vaccinations and/or malaria prophylaxis you will need to book an appointment at a private travel clinic. You can book vaccinations with MASTA in cambridge or at Aqua Pharmacy in Ipswich.


Travelling Abroad with Medication

Information about taking medication abroad

You may require a letter from the practice to take medication abroad. This is a non-NHS service for which you will be charged a fee.

Please note

  • It is your responsibility to establish the rules for your destination of travel , the airline, and any country you are travelling through.
  • If you are carrying controlled drugs you may need to apply for a personal licence. Government advice is that a patient must be able to prove the controlled medication belongs to them if travelling into or out of the UK. This requires a letter outlining use and countersigned by ‘the person who prescribed the drugs'
    Further information about travelling with controlled drugs
  • You need to check prescribed AND over-the-counter medications. (In some areas, common over-the-counter medications such as nasal decongestants and cough linctus are banned.)
  • Always try to take the medication in its original packaging.
  • We advise that you contact the Embassy to ensure your medication is permitted.
    Further information about travelling with medication


Travelling in Europe

If you are travelling to Europe, the EU has published useful information for travellers on the European Union website.


Foreign Office Travel Alerts

Foreign Office Advice

You should check the the latest advice from the foreign office. See the current Foreign Office Travel Alerts here


Travel Insurance

We recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance for you trip just in case it doesn't go as planned

Further information about travel insurance

How to apply for a GHIC card


COVID Proof of Vaccination

Many countries still require proof of vaccination before they will allow you entry. You should download your COVID pass using the NHS app. You can also order a paper copy by calling 119. We are unable to provide these from the surgery. 

You should check the rules for your destination and for any country you are traveling through before you leave.